The ONCB will be the central agency of excellence in integrated managing and confidence building on drug control of national and international counterparts by 2015.

  1. To formulate national narcotics control strategy by taking into account of drugs situation
  2. To manage the narcotics control work as stipulated in the national narcotics control strategy
  3. To supervise and direct the integration / codification of narcotics law enforcement and other related of narcotics control laws
  4. To cooperate with the foreign countries / international organizations / communities in fighting aganist illicit drugs
  5. To monitor, examine and keep a close watch over the epidemic of drugs

Core Value

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The Functions, Roles and Responsibilities of the ONCB

The ONCB was set up on November 16, 1976, as an independent department of the Office of Prime Minister By the provisions of Narcotics Control Act of 1976 and the Amended Act of the Proclamation of the Revolutionary Party NO. 216 dated September 19, 1972 (NO. 214). Has been reorganized, the ONCB is presently under the Ministry of Justice.

By virtue of the Article 8i of Administration Organization of the State Act B.E. 2534 (1991), as amended by Administration Organization of the State Act (No.4) B.E. 2543 (2000), Minister of Justice has issued the Ministerial Regulation, as announced in the Royal Gazette dated March 10, 2548 (2005), prescribing the functions of the ONCB as follows:
  1. To be secretariat and implementing agency of the Narcotics Control Board, Asset Seizure Committee, and be administrative body of any other committee that was appointed by the Cabinet or the Prime Minister to work for narcotics control, as well as be responsible for secretariat work and implementing unit of Advisory Committees and Sub-Committees appointed by the Narcotics Control Board, or Sub-Committees appointed by Asset Seizure Committee, or other relevant Sub-Committees appointed

  2. To assess national narcotics situation and set up narcotics epidemic surveillance system

  3. To recommend, coordinate, and integrate the policy, strategies, plan, and budget in national narcotics control efforts

  4. To administer, encourage, supervise, follow up, and evaluate the national narcotics control efforts, carried out by relevant agencies, in accordance with the policy, strategies, plan, and budget

  5. To recommend and coordinate international cooperation on narcotics control

  6. To be national narcotics control technology center developing and providing technical support on narcotics control to national and international GOs and NGOs

  7. To promote and provide support for the development of organization, human resources, information technology, law and regulations concerning narcotics control

  8. To carry out anti- narcotics prevention, campaign, and public relations

  9. To be national narcotics intelligence centre

  10. To enforce narcotics control laws, including the Acts on Measures for the suppression of offender in an offence relating to Narcotics B.E. 2534 (1991) and other relevant laws

  11. To perform any tasks as prescribed in any laws as being ONCB’s authorities or as assigned by the Cabinet or the Minister of Justice

Roles and Responsibilities
  1. To monitor the epidemic of narcotic drugs

  2. To develop and review national narcotics control strategy appropriately respond to respective existing narcotics situation

  3. To administer narcotics control efforts with integrated approach

  4. To supervise, follow up, and evaluate the national narcotics control efforts to be in accordance with the national strategy

  5. To administer narcotics law enforcement to be in accordance with narcotics laws

  6. To carry out asset seizures measure

  7. To be focal point for anti-drugs campaign and public relations

  8. To coordinate with international communities and organizations

  9. To carry out the development of human resources, information, technical, information technology on narcotics control

  10. To promote the strengthening of communities, NGOs, and POs on narcotics control